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      Sloggers Women's Waterproof Shoes

      Soft, lightweight, waterproof shoes are rugged enough for gardening and other outdoor chores but supportive enough to wear all day

      $29.98 $16.99

      Big Boss Water Jet Hose Nozzle

      Heavy-duty garden hose nozzle pressurizes water into a powerful stream that blasts dirt from house siding, cars, and patios

      $19.99 $12.99

      50% Off at Dumfries Nursery & Garden Center

      Dumfries Nursery & Garden Center


      Nursery that sits on landscaped lot helps patrons beautify their homes with hanging baskets, annual flats, and vegetables

      $50 $25

      Women's Midsummer Waterproof Rain and Garden Boots

      Floral-printed waterproof boots provide traction in the rain or mud and are made in the USA from 100% recyclable material

      $44.99 $19.99

      Butterfly and Hummingbird Attractant Grow Kit (3-Pack)

      Three 7ft.-long rolls filled with flower seeds whose nectars can attract hummingbirds and butterflies to the garden

      $22.99 $12.99

      Purple Passion Roll-out Garden Kit

      10 varieties of wildflowers in multiple shades of purple and mauve spring up from this garden roll with the addition of water and sunlight

      $24 $12.99

      Rainbow Garden Grow Kit (3-Pack)

      Three 7ft.-long rolls planted with 15 different types of wildflower seeds, such as zinnias, snapdragons, and daisies

      $22.99 $12.99

      Hori Hori Gardening Tool

      A Japanese soil knife that's become popular for its serrated blade is ideal for weeding, transplanting bulbs, and removing deep roots

      $71.25 $17.99

      Fling Into Spring Bouquet Kit

      When unfurled over soil and watered, each 7' mat plants more than 2,000 annual flower seeds that grow into more 17 varieties of wildflowers

      $27 $12.99

      Tomato Rocket Planting Kit and Grass Repair Patches

      Insert the tomato rocket in potted or outdoor soil, and water it for a chance to produce up to 25lb. of juicy tomatoes per rocket

      $24 $12.99

      Flower Garden Kit

      Roll out pre-seeded biodegradable wood fiber mat, add water & soil, & watch thousands of pink and red wildflowers bloom in the coming months

      $24 $12.99

      Olde English Nostalgia Garden Kit

      Pre-seeded rolls fill gardens with a riot of colors and perfumes from 18 varieties of wildflower, some of which date back to the 1800s

      $24 $12.99

      Roll Out Herbs Grow Kit with Grass Patch

      Under direct sunlight, these pre-seeded rolls unfurl over soil and plant herbs including oregano, sweet basil, thyme, and dill

      $24.95 $12.99

      Roll-Out Vegetable-Growing Kit

      Raise a veggie garden bursting with organic carrots, lettuce, cucumber, and tomatoes by simply unfurling this roll and watering regularly

      $30 $12.99

      Aqua Stream 50' Ultra-Light Hose

      50' clear garden hose contracts and expands, and automatically drains water; kink- and freeze-resistant

      $49.99 $39.99

      Water Hose Spray Nozzle with Thumb-Control Trigger

      9” spray nozzle with twist-action valve for variable spray, a thumb control trigger, and non-slip grip

      $42.99 $12.99

      Electric Mighty Pro Blower

      Power blower for landscaping or garden use makes it easy to keep a tidy lawn with its compact, lightweight design

      $47.36 $24.99

      Up to 50%Off National Fund for the US Botanic Garden Membership

      National Fund for the US Botanic Garden

      Washington Mall

      Botanic gardens host American plant life, public education programs, and year-round events

      $75 $39

      34% Off Gardening Consultation

      Garden Gurus

      Landscaping experts identify diseased plants and provide solutions, suggest plants that will thrive in your yard, and provide design ideas

      $150 $99

      45% Off Cutting and Edging

      Elevation Enterprises, L.L.C.

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $100 $55