Fishing in Dana Point

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Reservations/Appointments: Required

Established: 2014

Staff Size: 3 people

Average Duration of Services: 1?2 hours

Handicap Accessible: Yes

Brands Used: Lani Fishing

Recommended Age Group: All Ages

Pro Tip: Enjoy being outdoors and have an interest in fishing different techniques.

Most Popular Attraction/Offering: Fly fishing the simple way with Tenkara.

Q&A with Chris Carter, Owner

When and how did you first develop a passion for your work?

I started fishing as a little kid using a bamboo cane pole. I saw an older fellow using the first spinning rod that I had ever seen and said to myself, "Someday I am going to have one of those." I have enjoyed fishing in salt water and fresh water my whole life. I decided to start this business trying different methods of fishing. The Tenkara method was so simple to do, so I knew others of any age would enjoy it, and people that have a physical disability would also have fun with it. There is no reel involved.

As the old adage says, "Stuff happens." What training do you and your staff have to stay ahead of the unexpected?

As we go through life, I have found that sometimes going back to simpler methods of doing something you enjoy is actually a lot more fun and brings out the kid in you. It is important to share with others when you find something so enjoyable, especially in these times we live in.

Have you ever been a patron of your own business? If so, what was the most enjoyable part?

Seeing the happiness of others.

Is there anything else you want to add that we didn't cover?

Tenkara fly fishing consists of a rod, line, and a fly?a very simple method of fly fishing that almost anyone can enjoy doing, even with those with some physical disabilities.

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Dana Point,

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