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      Up to 60% Off Reformer Pilates Classes

      Rise Bodyworks

      Alameda(8.2 miles)

      Balanced Body Allegro 2 reformer machines help strengthen cores during one-hour classes

      $112 $49

      Up to 82% Off Massage-and-Chiropractic Packages


      Multiple Locations(1.8 miles)

      Release stress and decrease muscle aches with a soothing massage; optional chiropractic services gently align spines without pops or cracks

      $250 $45 Sale Ends 12/21

      Up to 68% Off Acupuncture Sessions

      Ancestral Acupuncture

      Albany(10.7 miles)

      Acupuncture relieves stress and muscle pain with an inclusive study of each client’s health history during treatment sessions

      $120 $39

      Up to 55% Off Juice Cleanse with Free Delivery from Chef V

      Chef V

      All-organic cleanses help clients detoxify their systems and lose weight without feeling starved

      $229 $109

      60% Off Detox and Matcha Teas at Teaglad


      Organic, detox loose-leaf tea helps clients lose weight, program includes strainer and guide; fine-ground antioxidant-rich matcha tea

      $35 $14

      $5 Buys You a Coupon for 3 Community Treatments & Consultation...

      Flying Needle Acupuncture

      Original Daly City(5.2 miles)

      For $5, receive a coupon for 3 community treatments & consultation for $45


      65% Off Personal Fitness Program

      John Ellis Acupuncture, Massage, And Personal Training

      San Francisco(1.4 miles)

      We’ll customize a plan based on a thorough assessment, deal with injuries, and set realistic diet and exercise goals

      $115 $40

      Up to 59% Off Acupuncture or Tuina Massages

      Driftwood Acupuncture and Wellness

      Marina(2.2 miles)

      Nationally certified Diplomate Anita Lang-Bakar uses globally sourced skills to heal with acupuncture and tuina massage

      $135 $65

      Up to 54% Off Holistic Stress Release Alignment

      Alphabiotics Center Bay Area

      Multiple Locations(27.0 miles)

      Alphabiotic alignment involves a quick movement of the head, resulting in a release of previously misdirected energy to balance the body

      $40 $19

      Up to 75% Off Massage and Chiropractic Care

      Morello Family Chiropractic

      Colma(7.9 miles)

      Massages use deep-tissue or sports modalities to relax tense muscles; manipulative adjustments utilize chiropractic techniques

      $110 $39

      Up to 54% Off Juice Cleanse with Free Delivery from Chef V

      Chef V

      All-organic cleanses help clients detoxify their systems and lose weight without feeling starved

      $229 $109

      Up to 81% Off Acupuncture Treatments

      Left Coast Acupuncture

      Fairview Park(10.2 miles)

      Acupuncture treatments help ease mental stress and physical pain by stimulating pressure points and realigning energy flows

      $75 $17 Sale Ends 12/21

      Up to 57% Off Massages

      3R Massage & Bodyworks; Relax, Rejuvenate & Restore

      San Francisco(1.4 miles)

      The massage therapist loosens muscles and promotes relaxation with long, gliding strokes and light to moderate pressure

      $80 $39

      Up to 56% Off Massage

      Nura McCauley, Licensed Acupuncturist

      San Francisco(2.8 miles)

      Acupuncturist and licensed massage therapist Nura McCauley kneads away pain and stress from patient’s backs during 60- or 90-minute massages

      $90 $45

      Up to 69% Off Reiki Treatment in San Rafael

      The Renaud Effect

      San Rafael(14.7 miles)

      Hands lay on the body during reiki treatments to promote healing and relaxation by altering life-force energy.

      $125 $40

      Up to 54% Off at Taichi Acupuncture

      Taichi Acupuncture

      San Francisco(2.3 miles)

      Acupuncturist wields a hair-thin needle while working to balance the flow of energy within the body

      $65 $32

      Coupon for a $20 Ear Seed With Acupressure Treatment and Spinal...

      Natural Family Health Center

      Pleasant Hill(21.8 miles)

      For $5, receive a coupon for a $20 ear seed with an acupressure treatment and spinal exam


      95% Off Chiropractic Package at San Francisco Family Spinal Care

      San Francisco Family Spinal Care

      Fisherman's Wharf(2.2 miles)

      Doctors discuss health concerns with clients before performing exam and X-rays; they then use results to tailor chiropractic regimen

      $901 $45

      Up to 90% Off a Chiropractic Package

      Body Focus Health Center

      Financial District(1.4 miles)

      Chiropractor consults with patients to learn their concerns, then performs x-rays and a spinal adjustment, along with an optional massage

      $350 $49

      Up to 76% Off Massage Packages

      Dance with Life Chiropractic

      Inner Sunset(2.8 miles)

      Massage tames muscle aches; holistic evaluation pinpoints the source of health anomalies, or adjustment releases tension & aids energy flow

      $130 $45

      Up to 84% Off Chiropractic Packages

      Magnolia Wellness Center

      Russian Hill(1.4 miles)

      Chiropractic exams help identify the root cause of back pain and screenings examine posture before adjustments alleviate aches

      $365 $59

      Up to 43% Off Colon Hydrotherapy or a Wellness Package

      Inner Awakening Healing Center

      Pacifica(10.5 miles)

      Treatments help your body eliminate toxins, with the ultimate goal of improving health

      $120 $69

      Up to 74% Off Lipo-Light Treatments

      Vitality Chiropractic Center

      Multiple Locations(13.6 miles)

      Lipo-Light treatments break down fat cells, whose contents are released during post-treatment workouts

      $600 $169

      50% Off Acupuncture

      Turning Point Acupuncture And Feldenkrais

      Northwest Berkeley(9.7 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $210 $105

      Up to 67% Off Physical Therapy

      Advanced Physical Therapy & Ergonomics, Inc.

      Pleasanton(30.5 miles)

      Physical therapists help clients heal with workouts, hands-on therapy, electrical stimulation, and optional acupuncture

      $350 $139

      $5 Buys You a Coupon for Free 15 Minute Hot Stone Massage With...


      Danville(23.3 miles)

      For $5, receive a coupon for massage


      Up to 70% Off Nonsurgical Face-Lift

      La Vitalitee

      Multiple Locations(1.5 miles)

      The iEllios device stimulates natural healing below the surface to tighten and brighten skin; LED therapy enhances its effects

      $300 $89 Sale Ends 12/21

      43% Off Reflexology Foot Massages

      Lisa's Beauty Salon

      Noe Valley(2.0 miles)

      Reflexology assuages aches across the body with focused, soothing pressure

      $69 $39

      Up to 59% Off at Diana Shkolnik Acupuncture

      Diana Shkolnik Acupuncture

      Laurel Heights(1.8 miles)

      Acupuncture sets out to restore energy flow and balance throughout body with ultrathin, disposable needles

      $80 $35

      Up to 74% Off Acupuncture at Chinese Healing Arts

      Chinese Healing Arts

      Mill Valley(11.3 miles)

      Chinese-trained acupuncturist & healer places fine needles & pressure on key points along the body to ease stress or physical pain

      $145 $39

      50% Off Natural Health and Beauty Products

      Milagros de México

      Fruitvale Station(10.7 miles)

      Bilingual wellness store with weight-management products, herbs, and other health and beauty products

      $40 $20

      Half Off Whole-Body Vibration

      Warm Springs Chiropractic

      Fremont(33.4 miles)

      Clients stand on an oscillating platform for 10 minutes as it vibrates and engages 97% of the body's muscle groups

      $30 $15

      Up to 96% Off at Smith Chiropractic

      Smith Chiropractic

      El Cerrito(10.8 miles)

      Massages and spinal-decompression treatments ease aches in the spine and muscles

      $410 $25

      Up to 65% Off Hypnotherapy at The Reference Point

      The Reference Point

      Mission San Jose(32.0 miles)

      Certified hypnotherapist offers subconscious suggestions to help clients lose weight, reduce stress, overcome depression & quit bad habits

      $170 $61 Sale Ends 12/21

      Up to 80% Off Chiropractic Massage

      The Vitality Center

      Emeryville(8.1 miles)

      Chiropractors aim to help balance postures to help free up otherwise wasted energy

      $210 $42 Sale Ends 12/21

      93% Off at Life Chiropractic

      Life Chiropractic

      San Francisco(0.4 miles)

      Hands-on, drug-free chiropractor ss x-rays then locates sources of discomfort and attempts to resolve them with adjustments

      $400 $28 Sale Ends 12/21

      76% Off Acupuncture

      Weaving Harmony Chinese Medicine

      Multiple Locations(2.1 miles)

      Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

      $200 $48

      79% Off Chiropractic Services with Massage or Acupuncture

      Source For Wellness Health Center

      Albany(10.4 miles)

      The specialists at this whole-body healing center help get to the root of pain and discomfort with detailed exams and treatment plans

      $235 $49

      78% Off at Oakbay Chiropractic

      Oakbay Chiropractic

      Pill Hill(8.9 miles)

      Chiropractor susses out causes for pain, and then eases tension and aches during a one-hour massage

      $200 $44 Sale Ends 12/21

      Up to 60% Off 60-Minute Reiki Sessions

      DP Consulting Services

      Lafayette(17.6 miles)

      In reiki, gentle touch recharges patrons’ depleted energy levels, promoting balance of the body’s chakras to help ease ailments

      $100 $50

      Up to 59% Off at Blossom Acupuncture

      Blossom Acupuncture

      Oakland(8.6 miles)

      Treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique

      $120 $55

      Up to 75% Off Acupuncture Facelift Sessions

      Natural Way Health Center

      Multiple Locations(15.4 miles)

      Rejuvenating facial acupuncture treatments help improve circulation, stimulate collagen production, and tighten muscle tone

      $120 $49

      Up to 59% Off Chiropractic Adjustments

      Lakeside Family Chiropractic

      San Francisco(4.2 miles)

      Doctor of Chiropractic Princeton Nguyen assesses health throughout the body before correcting misalignments with one or two adjustments

      $135 $55

      Up to 82% Off at Orcutt Chiropractic

      Orcutt Chiropractic

      Corte Madera(12.1 miles)

      Ninety-second MyoVision scan reads voltage that muscles emit to let doctor and patient know how spine and nervous system are functioning

      $120 $39

      51% Off Deep-Tissue Massage

      Beyond Chiropractic

      Beyond Chiropractic(22.7 miles)

      Skilled massage therapist treats body to heavy and sustained pressure to reach deep-seated tension and alleviate host of conditions

      $80 $39

      Up to 69% Off Chiropractic Package at Owens Chiropractic

      Owens Chiropractic

      Walnut Creek(20.7 miles)

      Chiropractor with more than 18 years of experience pinpoints sources of pain and uses noninvasive techniques to correct them

      $150 $49

      Up to 78% Off Acupuncture

      Lake Merritt Community Acupuncture

      Downtown(8.6 miles)

      Licensed acupuncturist aims to expel bodily aches and pain with acupuncture and ancient Chinese herbal remedies

      $88 $25

      Up to 77% Off Massage or Chiropractic Exam and Treatment

      Piedmont Network Chiropractic

      Oakland(8.8 miles)

      Massage therapist soothes muscles during 60-minute treatment; Dr. Julie Orman D.C. gently treats misaligned backs and performs adjustment

      $85 $35

      Local Merchants with Special Offers

      Revel & Rose Beauty

      Best of Groupon
      San Francisco (2559.6 miles)
      76% of 43 customers
      Day Spa; Facial
      Loyalty Rewards

      Green Chiropractic Clinic

      San Francisco (2560.1 miles)
      81% of 16 customers
      Chiropractor; Chiropractic / Osteopathy
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      Juicey Lucy's

      Anza Vista (2560.5 miles)
      81% of 294 customers
      Cafes; Juice; Vegan
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      7 signed up for this

      Remedy Acupuncture Clinic

      SoMa (2558.4 miles)
      Acupuncture; Acupuncture; General Practitioner
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      Plus Acupuncture

      Downtown (2558.2 miles)
      Face & Skin Care; Acupuncture; Makeup
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      World Gym Showplace Square

      San Francisco (2558.8 miles)
      Chiropractor; Fitness Studio; Gym
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      Food Body M.E.

      Castro (2560.1 miles)
      45% of 20 customers
      Natural Medicine; Yoga; Cooking
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      Bin Zhi Acupuncture Clinic

      San Francisco (2558.5 miles)
      67% of 31 customers
      Acupuncture; Acupuncture; Chiropractic / Osteopathy
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      Sound Health

      San Francisco (2560.7 miles)
      Natural Medicine; Medicine / Over The Counter Drug; Vitamin / Supplement
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      Pain & Injury Treatment Center

      Downtown (2558.6 miles)
      Chiropractor; Chiropractic / Osteopathy
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      Advanced Allergy Solutions

      San Francisco (2559.7 miles)
      87% of 123 customers
      Family Doctor; General Practitioner; Homoeopathy
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      Rincon Chiropractic Center

      San Francisco (2557.7 miles)
      Chiropractor; Chiropractic / Osteopathy; Acupuncture
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      Real People Health

      San Francisco (2558.6 miles)
      Day Spa; Chiropractic / Osteopathy
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      Thuraya Anastas Cable, L.Ac.

      Civic Center (2559.7 miles)
      Personal Services; Acupuncture
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      Rebecca R. Ness, L.Ac.

      San Francisco (2560.1 miles)
      90% of 10 customers
      Shiatsu Massage; Acupuncture
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