Hair Removal in Downtown Vancouver

Up to 63% Off Permanent Hair Removal

Jade Electrolysis

Multiple Locations

C$78.65 C$35

Practitioners permanently eliminate excess body and facial hair

Up to 56% Off Brazilian-Wax Treatments

Best Brow Spa


C$45 C$22

Aesthetician gives ladies' bikini zones a full clearing

Up to 72% Off Laser Hair Removal

Silky Laser & Skincare Centre

Mt. Pleasant

C$490 C$150

Noninvasive lasers remove unwanted body hair

Up to 61% Off a Brazilian Wax

Voka Deka Esthetics Salon


C$60 C$24

Hard wax is applied more thickly and thus is good at removing coarse hair; soft wax applied via strips works well for large body areas

Up to 55% Off Brazilian Waxes at Green Leaf Spa

Green Leaf Spa


C$40 C$19

Downtown spa boasts a peaceful atmosphere where technicians remove unwanted hair in the Brazilian region

Up to 68% Off Brazilian Waxes

Me & Max Beauty Salon


C$120 C$39

Aestheticians skillfully remove unwanted hair, leaving smooth expanses of skin behind

Up to 80% Off Laser Hair-Removal

Broadway Nails Spa

Mt. Pleasant

C$600 C$139

Laser light zaps follicles, shutting down hair production over the course of six visits

Up to 79% Off Laser Hair Removal

Mint Condition Body & Laser Spa

North Vancouver

C$294 C$75

Licensed professionals use lasers to target hair follicles, reducing hair growth on areas such as the bikini line, underarms, and upper lip

Up to 95% Off Laser Hair Removal

Deja Vu Spa

North Vancouver

C$4,500 C$209


Laser light inhibits future hair growth on the face or body

Up to 49% Off Brazilian Waxing

Wax Hair Removal Bar

Inside High Fidelity Salon

C$43 C$23

Trained waxperts removes all—or nearly all—hair from southern hemispheres for both women and men; glitter tattoos last up to seven days

Up to 54% Off Anal-Bleaching with Optional Wax

WAX Hair Removal Bar

Multiple Locations

C$50 C$25

Waxing specialists use hard and soft waxes to clear away hair from bikini area, and lighten nether regions without harsh chemicals

Up to 91% Off Laser Hair Removal at Body Mantra

Body Mantra Laser Spa and Clinique

Multiple Locations

C$1,080 C$99

An LHE laser targets two small body areas during treatments that are designed to leave skin smooth

Up to 54% Off Electrolysis Hair Removal

The Gentle Touch


C$30 C$15

Technicians use electric currents to deactivate the hair follicle

Up to 88% Off Laser Hair Removal at Posh Nail Lounge

Posh Nail Lounge


C$479 C$99

The laser technician takes great care to zap hairs, leaving skin smooth and stubble-free

Up to 58% Off Brazilian Waxes

Raj Esthetics


C$40 C$19

Certified aesthetician swiftly removes all hair from the entire bikini area, leaving behind only smooth skin

Up to 90% Off a Year of Laser Hair Removal

Zora Skin Care Clinic


C$240 C$96

Beams from the LightSheer Duet target rogue hairs using a combination of vacuum pressure and laser energy to comfortably create smooth skin

Up to 61% Off Brazilian or Bikini Waxes

Touch of Beauty


C$55 C$25

Aestheticians swiftly remove hair from the nether regions for long-lasting hairlessness

Up to 92% Off Laser Hair Removal

Iris Beauty Solution


C$1,260 C$99

IPL technique heats up follicles and inhibits growth without harming the skin around it; works on all skin and hair types

Up to 51% Off Brazilian Waxes

Mor Than Ever Wellness Spa

Burnaby Heights

C$45 C$22

Aestheticians remove unwanted hair from nether regions during approximately 30-minute sessions

Up to 53% Off Brazilian or Bikini Waxes

Techniks Hair Studio

North Vancouver

C$60 C$29

Skilled aesthetician clears away unwanted hair from bikini line or intimate areas during swift waxing sessions

Up to 87% Off Laser Hair Removal at Medica Aesthetica Canada

Medica Aesthetica Canada

Multiple Locations

C$360 C$79

Med-spa techs use lasers to disable hair growth at the follicle, eventually reducing the need to shave, wax, or tweeze for men and women

Up to 83% Off Laser Hair Removal

Rejuven8 Skin Care


C$570 C$149

A smooth hand-piece emits a blend of broad-spectrum light and heat energy to destroy hair at the source

Up to 80% Off Laser Hair-Removal Treatments

Aura Skin Care & Laser Services

Aura Skin Care & Laser Services

C$360 C$99

Lasers target hair follicles to reduce hair regrowth for soft, touchable legs, arms, backs, and faces

Up to 56% Off Brazilian Waxes

Azzi Hair Studio


C$40 C$19


Waxing experts swiftly remove hair from the nether regions, unveiling softer, smoother skin

Up to 57% Off Brazilian Waxes

Make Me Over Salon and Spa

Port Moody

C$58 C$29


Waxing treatments completely remove hair from bikini areas

Up to 54% Off Brazilian and Full-Body Waxing

New Style Hair & Beauty Salon


C$40 C$19

Waxing results in smooth-to-the-touch skin for the bikini area or the full body

Up to 56% Off Brazilian Waxes

Preet Hair, Nail and Beauty Salon


C$50 C$25

Skincare pros whisk unwanted hair away from ladies' private parts with skill and precision

55% Off Brazilian Waxes

Exquisite Beauty, Hair and Spa

Port Moody

C$50 C$25

Get bikini-ready with a Brazilian wax at this upscale salon and spa in Port Moody

Up to 79% Off Laser Hair Removal

Melanin Aesthetics and Laser Clinic


C$420 C$139

Syneron’s elōs technology reduces hair growth on all skin types, while cooling mechanism keeps clients comfortable

Up to 77% Off Brazilian Waxes at Sueño Spa

Sueno Spa


C$180 C$49


Waxing specialists swipe hair away from the Brazilian area, leaving behind smooth, bikini-ready skin

Up to 61% Off Brazilian and Eyebrow Waxing

Vanity Hair Salon

Port Coquitlam

C$55 C$25

Skilled aesthetician clears away unwanted hair from eyebrows and intimate areas during swift waxing sessions

Up to 89% Off Laser Hair Removal

Fluid Day Spa


C$500 C$89

Staff targets unwanted body hair during six laser hair-removal treatments

Up to 63% Off Brazilian Waxes

Azure Skin Care


C$50 C$20

Specialists remove unwanted hair from nether regions during 30-minute appointments

Up to 86% Off at Elimination Laser Hair Removal

Elimination Laser Hair Removal

Located inside Black Orchid Salon

C$450 C$109

Hair follicles absorb, then are destroyed by, controlled flashes of light, which help prevent regrowth

Up to 52% Off Waxing at Libby's Esthetics

Libby's Esthetics


C$60 C$29.99

Aesthetician with 25 years of experience removes clients' unwanted hair

Up to 52% Off Waxing Services at Gorgeous Skin Spa

Gorgeous Skin Spa


C$48 C$24

Skilled aesthetician clears away unwanted hair from the legs, bikini line, and intimate regions during swift waxing sessions

50% Off Brazilian Waxing at Spa in the City

Spa in the City


C$50 C$25

Kasia, an experienced spa technician, removes unwanted fuzz and stubble from the bikini area during Brazilian waxing treatments

Up to 57% Off Brazilian Waxing

Esthetics by Fay


C$58 C$29

Technicians safely wax away all hair from the bikini area during a procedure that takes less than half an hour.

Select Local Merchants

T&Y Beauty Spa stands as an oasis from the bustle of downtown, where clients can snag speedy beauty treatments between shopping jaunts or reap hours of pampering to replenish their spirits and invigorate their skin. The spa's aestheticians draw out healthy complexions with three tiered facials that gradually ramp up their effects with massages, customized masks, and face-firming serums. Permanent makeup applications boost facial radiance even further with smudge-free lip- and eye-defining flourishes, and eyelash extensions, mani-pedis, and waxing treatments also lend elegance to weary exteriors. Meanwhile, in treatment rooms far removed from the annoyances of work, bills, and foot-traffic pileups, therapists soothe overtaxed muscles and frayed minds with relaxation massages for individuals and couples.

411-1200 Burrard St.

The team at Vis Vita Medical Wellness and Regeneration Clinic demonstrates its commitment to effective beauty and wellness treatments by combining the traditional with the technological. Clients relax during 3,000-year-old acupuncture treatment while elsewhere, lasers and low-frequency waves target cellulite and adipose tissue. Skin-resurfacing equipment sloughs off the outermost layer of skin alongside facials that are infused with natural ingredients such as green tea and botanicals.

837 West Hastings Street

The Cranberries facial begins with a consultation with one of the spa's skilled aestheticians, who will then design a customized treatment to meet the skin's individual needs. With the nuances of the client's outer shell fully understood, Cranberries Spa's staffers will indulge the skin in ethereal exfoliation and perform extractions (if necessary), cleaning out clogged pores and sweeping away dead skin cells like candy wrappers from an abandoned carnival on the prairie. A steam and a massage flush out toxins and flesh out flesh, respectively, leaving the face refreshed and rejuvenated. As the experts tend to weary head-shields, clients will relax on a heated bed to soothe away stress and muscle tension.

330 Robson St

Harbour Beauty Salon offers its customers a wide variety of hair, nail, and skin services. Stylists snip excess hair in cuts for women, men, or children, and offer coloring services with Redken products. Nail technicians can color fingers and toes with over 200 OPI colors, along with CND Shellac and gel polish options. Other services include European or deep-cleansing facials, alongside waxing treatments and real mink eyelash extensions.

479 Richards St

Because the crew at Attitude Hair Salon cares about keeping both people and the planet healthy, they use a line of Canadian-made styling products void of aerosols, parabens, and sulfates. This allows cuts and colour treatments to commence without the risk of unfriendly chemicals sneaking into the skin or wafting down the street to rob a bank. Using these products, stylists specialize in bold, creative looks as well as subtle updates to 'dos, beginning each service with a soothing scalp massage.

1111 Georgia St W

Electra Laser's skin-rejuvenation clinic, featured on 94.5 FM's The Kid Carson Show, helps restore youthful glows to both men's and women's faces during facials and non-invasive microdermabrasion treatments. After analyzing faces to determine the best treatment plan and level of exfoliation, expert therapists magically pull the DiamondTome microdermabrasion machine from their clients’ hats and equip it with a diamond-chip wand tip that can vary by size and coarseness to target skin conditions such as sun damage, acne, and unwanted pigmentation. Wands glide over faces and precisely exfoliate and remove the top-most layer of the epidermis, promoting collagen and new skin layer production. During the customized mask treatment, skin artisans paint faces in a refreshing, oil-free gel that invigorates and brings moisture back to dry skin with a blend of calming botanicals and antioxidant vitamins free from artificial fragrances and colours. Clients usually emerge from the 30–45 minute treatment with minimal or no downtime after the procedure, allowing a return to daily activities and flash mobs at the mall almost immediately.

955L Hornby St