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      Hydroponic Fly Traps

      Hydroponic fly traps grow without soil until they’re large enough to snap their plant-jaws shut on any insects who rest within them

      $29.99 $23.99

      $8 for Visit to Texas Discovery Gardens

      Texas Discovery Gardens

      $8 for Visit to Texas Discovery Gardens

      Fair Park

      Visitors view free-flying tropical butterflies, enjoy a daily butterfly release noontime talk & stroll through 7.5 acres of organic gardens

      $16 $8

      50% Off Landscaping Service

      Sundrop Gardens Landscaping

      50% Off Landscaping Service

      Clients can choose from lawn mowing, weed-eater treatments, leaf blowing, or leaf cleanup for six consecutive weeks

      $250 $125

      Up to 55% Off Lawn Cutting

      Simply Green Landscaping

      Up to 55% Off Lawn Cutting

      Licensed and insured landscaping staff keeps yards looking neat and tidy with lawn-cutting services

      $76 $39

      Grow-Your-Own Sunflower Playhouse Kit

      21 feet of roll-and-plant sunflower seeds, which blossom within weeks into playhouse or fort walls up to 6 feet tall


      Grow Your Own Peanut Plant Kit

      Grow peanuts in a 6” pot for snacking or adding to dishes; above-ground leaves add green touch anywhere in or outside the house

      $9.99 $8.99

      Up to 57% Off Lawn-Mowing Services


      Up to 57% Off Lawn-Mowing Services

      Experts arrive at homes and manicure lawns with mowing, edging, and blowing services

      $90 $45

      Mylar Reflective Indoor Grow Tents

      Vented indoor hydroponics grow tents made of heavy-duty canvas include a protective floor tray for pots and brackets for securing lights

      $194 $69.99

      45% Off

      Redeemed Professional Services

      45% Off

      Expertly trained technician will apply our custom-brewed, organic fertilizer to prepare your lawn for fall and winter

      $150 $83

      Solar-Powered Tiffany-Inspired Statues

      Inspired by the colorful, cheery visages of Tiffany glass, these statues glow at night to add a bright touch to any garden or front stoop

      $29.95 $16.99

      Up to 51% Off Sprinkler Tune Up

      H2O Sprinkler Systems

      Up to 51% Off Sprinkler Tune Up

      Tuning up sprinklers keeps systems spraying at an even rate to coat lawns, vegetable gardens, and shrubbery in nourishing water

      $193 $95

      Springtime Plants in Reclaimed-Wood Planters

      Ring in springtime with gardenias, a firecracker plant, or an areca palm in rustic reclaimed-wood planters

      $34.95 $26.99

      Good Directions Enchanted Bird Feeders

      Designed as outdoor bird feeders, these charming sculptures can also be used to decorate homes as plant holders, candy dishes, and more

      $34.99 $16.99

      DAP XHose Pro Incredible Xpanding 75-Foot Hose

      This lightweight and compact garden hose expands when when water is turned on and contracts into an easy-to-store size when it’s off

      $79.99 $36.99

      2-Piece Sun and Butterfly Solar-Powered Garden Stakes Set

      Powered by the sun’s energy, these eco-friendly decorative garden stakes produce a warm, gentle light from under colored glass orbs

      $34 $24.99

      Jack B Little Roll Out Pumpkin Patch

      Roll of pumpkin seeds to quickly get a garden started


      Hydrangea and Lilac Flowering Shrubs

      Usher in spring with cheery hydrangea and silac flowering shrubs in a range of colors, from white to periwinkle to classic lilac

      $49.95 $12.99

      Purple Passion Flower Seed Rolls for Easter

      Pre-seeded rolls unfurl onto flower beds and quickly sprout purple-colored wildflowers; ideal for a springtime or Easter display


      Good Directions Decorative Garden Hose Storage Pots

      Attractive handmade pots keep garden hoses cleanly coiled up and out of sight; side hole allows easy connection to outdoor faucet

      $229.99 $89.99

      4'x4' Raised Garden Bed

      Easy-to-assemble raised garden bed made of durable vinyl makes it easier for roots to grow into healthy, beautiful plants; snap-lock system

      $139.99 $79.99

      Pre-Order: Lilac, Forsythia and More

      Welcome spring with these flowering shrubs and vines, from vivid red weigelas and orange trumpet vines to cheery yellow forsythias

      $39.95 $9.99

      Sportsman Series Garden Flatbed Cart

      Rugged and corrosion-resistant, this steel flatbed cart can hold up to 550 pounds and travel over soft terrain for easier outdoor work

      $134.99 $89.99

      Pre-order: Perennial Seed Mats

      Seed mats bloom with an array of colorful perennials that attract wild life and insects

      $24 $11.99

      Pre-Order: Peony, Gladiolus, or Bare Root Plants

      Planted in early spring, bulbs and roots blossom into lush flowers or ornamental leaves in late spring and early summer; multiple varieties

      $21.90 $12.99