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      Black Mountain Products Resistance-Band Set

      Resistance-band set with resistance ranging from 2–4lbs. up to 50lbs. with door anchors and other accessories for a robust workout

      $124.37 $74.99

      Proform Hybrid Cycle/Elliptical Trainer

      Home trainer combines an elliptical with an exercise bike, giving users access to a range of low-impact cardio workouts on a single machine

      $799 $349.99

      RBX Performance Core-Fitness Ball with Hand Pump

      Fitness ball supports you through yoga, Pilates, and general fitness programs, helping you develop core strength and overall flexibility

      $29.99 $14.99

      Muscle Stimulating Arm-and-Leg Toner

      Arm-and-leg toner stimulates muscles with electronic pulses to help tighten and tone men and women of all fitness levels

      $129.95 $69.99

      ProForm Comfort Stride Elliptical

      Low-impact, full-body workout enhanced with Jillian Michaels audio coaching and built-in speaker system, fan, and heart-rate sensors

      $799.99 $349.99

      Natural Fitness Premium Warrior Yoga Mat

      Non-slip mat's eco-friendly blend of PER and natural rubber contains no harmful substances, and it's durable enough for daily practice

      $39.99 $24.99

      Porsche Design Flame Torches

      These Porsche Design torches are sure to catch eyes as they strike into a pillar of flame above their silo-esque modernity

      $220 $69.99

      Wai Lana Yoga for Everyone 3-DVD Series

      Wai Lana leads yoga flows that enhance flexibility, strength, and stamina while targeting specific muscle groups to boost holistic health

      $44.95 $24.99

      23-Serving Containers of MHP Maximum Whey Supplements

      Scoops contain 25g of fast-digesting protein to promote muscle growth and faster recovery

      $44.99 $29.99

      2XU Men's Compression Apparel

      Compression apparel supports muscles and boosts blood flow, possibly speeding post-workout recovery

      $99.95 $79.99

      Rejuvenation Stability + Balance 9" Mini-Discs

      Balance on these 9" discs, which continously work core muscles, for a creative way to strengthen and sculpt the lower body and abs

      $24.99 $16.99

      Black Mountain Therapy Exercise Bands with Handles

      Three portable rubber resistance bands useful for Pilates, muscle toning, and a variety of other exercises

      $38.98 $16.99

      Jane Fonda Workout DVDs

      Fitness guru Jane Fonda leads quick, effective workouts that help build strength and flexibility while keeping older minds active and sharp

      $14.98 $6.99

      MuscleTech NanoStim 110-Count Rapid-Release Tablets

      This super-concentrated nitric oxide stimulant works to improve performance, focus, and vascularity without fillers or top-secret blends

      C$74.99 C$39.99

      Overnight Slimming Therapy Socks

      Overnight therapy socks use multiple stages of pressure control to help slim feet and boost circulation while you sleep

      C$29.95 C$16.99

      Jillian Michaels Ultimate Crossbar

      Crossbar facilitates low-impact exercises that target different muscle groups for a total-body workout; adjustable weights

      $199.99 $79.99

      Curad Tennis Elbow Compression Support Strap

      Neoprene support strap helps relieve the inflammation, irritation, and pain of tennis elbow with a fully adjustable design

      $16.99 $8.99

      1 Pair of Vein Away Socks in Black

      Comfortable knee socks provide compression therapy to improve circulation; microfiber wicks away moisture and reduces odor

      C$39.99 C$17.99

      Vibrotech Toning Belt

      Vibrating belt's heated, oscillating massage action may help give stomach, thighs, and common problem areas a firmer, more toned appearance

      $99 $49.99

      ProForm XP Whirlwind 320 Stationary Bike

      Exercise bike with adjustable air resistance, 14 pre-set programs, and a large, cushioned seat, and upper-body arms for a total-body workout

      $399 $299.99

      ProForm 6.0 ES Recumbent Bike

      Recumbent bike supports your back as well as your fitness goals with a cushioned seat to pair with iFit compatibility and 22 preset workouts

      $399 $379.99

      Dynaflex SpeedMeter 55000 Gyro Speedometer

      This speedometer clips onto most gyros to display RPM readouts and provide highest RPM readings to encourage record breaking and stamina

      $20 $11.99

      Icon Pro-Form Pro7000 Treadmill

      iFit-enabled treadmill keeps up with the latest tech with personal-trainer-designed workouts, map technology, and an Android web browser

      $2,499 $1,599.99

      Proform Recumbent Exercise Bike

      Recumbent exercise bike features 16 workout programs designed by a personal trainer, a backlit digital display, and an iPod-compatible port

      $399.99 $279.99

      Icon ProForm ZE 6 Elliptical

      Elliptical with soft-grip upper-body arms offers a full workout, targeting different muscles with adjustable resistance and incline angles

      $999 $599.99

      Icon Pro-Form Pro9000 Treadmill

      Pro-grade treadmill with a design built to last and technology that keeps users on their toes includes an iPad tray and integrated iFit tech

      $2,999 $1,799.99

      ProForm 5.0 ES Upright Bike

      Workout bike is designed for utility and comfort with adjustable seat, 18 smooth resistance levels, and 18 preset workouts; iFit compatible

      $299 $289.99

      ProForm 2.0 ES Upright Exercise Bike

      Plug an iPod into this exercise bike to get musical motivation through workouts with 14 resistance levels and real-time progress tracking

      $399 $209.99

      ProForm Performance 1450 Treadmill

      Treadmill has a cushioned belt, a built-in workout fan, an Android web browser, and a full-color touch display for working out comfortably

      $1,499 $1,099.99

      Reebok Competitor RT 6.0 Treadmill

      Treadmill supports weight-loss plans with 16 preset workouts and a QuickStep incline that instantly adjusts the intensity

      $1,499 $699.99