DIY Ideas
With some simple supplies, you can make a hanging garden fit for a tiny apartment or a piñata no human can resist bashing to bits.
Make Your Garden Glam with These Easy DIY Projects | Jessica Duff Cement mix, cupcake liners, and a little gold paint are virtually all you need to inject a little glamour into your green space.
How to Make an Indoor Hanging Garden for Your Apartment | Jessica Duff Good news, apartment dwellers: all it takes to make this garden are a few tools, some tin cans and chain, and plants—no backyard required.
Steal These Easy Decorating Ideas for Your Barbecue | Shannon Grilli Floating candles, a ring-toss game made with empty iced-coffee bottles, and other summer craft ideas even beginners can handle, no sweat.
This Cinco de Mayo Piñata Will Literally Drive Your Guests Insane | Jessica Duff Use cardboard, crepe paper, and glue to make a cactus piñata that’s so cute, your party guests will be forced to beat the living daylights out of it.
How to Make Vinyl-Record Bookends Without Burning Your Delicate Craft Hands | Jessica Duff It takes a half-hour, a few household supplies, and basically zero skill. Just watch that boiling water.
Stitch Together This Coal Plush Ornament for the Naughty People on Your Gift List | Shannon Grilli “Craft Wars” winner Steff Bomb shares a simple holiday craft she calls “the nicest way to tell someone you hate them.”
Sew Your Own Beer Koozie | Dani Malloy Watch the game in style with a custom koozie. All you need is fabric, insulating liner material, a button, and an elastic hair tie.
Crafty Ways to Revamp Old Shoes | Amelia Buzzell Upcycle a tired pair of shoes with everything from polka dots to comic strips.
Cooking Up Vegan Lip Balm with Nathan Morin | Andrea Marchiano The founder of North Coast Organics shows us how to make a vegan lip balm for summertime wear.
How to Take Care of Your Hands Between Manicures
Regular manicures will keep your hands nice, but the nail tech you see twice a month can’t take care of everything. What if your hands start feeling rough? What if you have a hangnail, and the 911 operator doesn’t respect your emergency?
Yes, You Can Wear Sweaters in the Summer
Sweaters may seem all wrong for summer, but designers such as Jason Wu and Band of Outsiders cemented them as a warm-weather trend during their Spring/Summer 2014 runway shows. Wu showcased an elegant spin on the trend, pairing classic sweaters with pencil skirts, while Band of Outsiders sported up its knits with zippered skirts and crew socks. The designs aren’t as heavy as their wintertime counterparts, of course; their lighter yarns and open weaves make them perfect to toss over tanks as the summer sun sets. Here’s our take on the trend, anchored by a boat-neck sweater with a nautical-inspired color palette.