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From color-change nail polish to a juice cleanse, I'll try anything once. Here's the proof!

How to Winterize Your Skincare and Beauty Routine

A pro makeup artist talks lighter bronzer, darker lipstick, and the one thing everyone should keep in their bedroom.

Afraid to Try Acupuncture? Watch Me Do It First.

I had needles placed all over my body—including my ears!—and learned about the benefits of this ancient art.

Keratin Made My Friend's Frizz Disappear. Here's How.

While Gina sat in the salon chair, I interviewed an expert at Salon Envy about the magic of keratin hair-straightening treatments.

How to Be a Sugar Skull for Halloween

Professional makeup artist Kate Johnson created this stunning, spooky look with a nine-step process you can do at home.

My Trick-or-Treat Manicure

Each finger has a different Halloween-inspired design. Some are spooky, some are sweet, and one is a mummy!

Seaweed Wraps Feel Much Better Than They Smell

Sure, you might look like a burrito and smell like the bottom of a lake. But it’s worth it, I promise.

Three Purple Lipsticks You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Wear This Fall

My friends and I model three shades of purple, from eggplant to Barney.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes Like a Pro

Makeup artist Kate Johnson showed us three ways. One of them involves goat’s milk!

My Favorite Nail-Polish Colors for Fall

Neutral is the name of the game.

My Massage at LUSH Delighted All Five of My Senses

It took weeks to get into this exclusive NYC spa, but it might be the best massage I’ve ever had.

My Five Favorite Fall Candles, Plus DIY Candle Instructions

Fall doesn’t just smell like pumpkin. It also smells like Baltic Amber.

Beards and Man Buns Are Not for the Lazy

I talked to a Chicago barber, who assured me they both require regular maintenance, great products, and some styling know-how.

I Got My First V-Steam at King Spa & Sauna

The “V” stands for vagina.

Everything You Need to Know about Eyelash Extensions

I got lash extensions at Celebrity Skin and learned all sorts of insider info—including why you should skip the coffee before your appointment.

My Top 10 Trends from New York Fashion Week

I made up my own names for these new styles from designers such as Michael Kors, DKNY, and Victoria Beckham.

My Weekend at Asanda Spas with Groupon’s Sweepstakes Winners

I spent three days in New York getting pampered with Jennifer and Sarah. I also cut off a bunch of my hair!

How Microdermabrasion Really Works

They use a diamond-encrusted handpiece to rub off your top, most congested layer of skin. Don’t worry—there’s plenty of skin underneath it!

I Got Zerona!

Here are the five things you need to know about getting laser-beamed by a machine that looks like an octopus. Plus, some FAQs.

How to Update Your Makeup for Fall

We took five of our favorite summer makeup trends and tweaked them for the upcoming season.

My Five Favorite Things from the Vogue September Issue

Let's just say my crushes on Cara Delevingne and Dominic West are at all-time highs.

Seven White Pieces to Wear Before Labor Day

They’re so cute, you might just break the rules and wear them afterward too.

My Preconceptions About Keratin Treatments Get Busted

After talking to a coworker who got one, I realized I had no idea how it worked. Turns out keratin doesn’t murder your curls!

An Au Naturel Matte Makeup Look

A pro makeup artist gave me a daytime spin on this major fall trend and even kept my shiny skin in check.

Five Things I Learned from Spending an Hour in a Float Tank

I thought I’d be claustrophobic, but instead I felt weightless and carefree.

Wear Sangria on Your Face. Sort Of.

I’m not ready for summer to be over, so I found makeup that matches five of my favorite warm-weather cocktails.

I Tried the NYX Macaron Lippies Everyone’s Obsessing Over

They’ve been selling out in stores everywhere, so I ordered the neon-hued lipsticks online. Here’s my favorites. And my nemeses.

What Laser Hair Removal Really Feels Like

I went to BEaUtify at AMS, and got it on my underarms. It’s not that painful, but it’s surprisingly cold!

Get Ready for a Spa Day with This To-Do List

I talked to the managers at Chicago’s Balance Spa & Fitness for the low-down on what treatments to get, what to bring, and how much to tip.

Five Massages to Try This Summer

Maybe it’s time to give cold stones a chance?

Five Skincare Essentials I Can’t Live Without This Summer

Sunscreen isn’t the only thing your skin needs this time of year. You should also have something that’ll wash all the ice cream off your face.

The Country's Five Best Green Salons (and How to Find One Near You)

These spas' claims to fame include organic products, sustainable design, and Shailene Woodley’s seal of approval.

Welcome to Beauty Week!

Groupon’s Beauty Week means extra beauty discounts and special sweepstakes. One prize? A seat at the Project Runway finale, and a chat with Heidi Klum.

My 10 Favorite Summer Nail Colors

Try a new one every week, or get really crazy and brush one onto each nail. Who cares? It’s summer!

The One-Piece Swimsuit is Making a Comeback

And with good reason: they flatter curves and come in all kinds of funky styles. I’d choose these six over a bikini any day!

Nine Highlights from the Lollapalooza of Beauty and the Grammys of Hair

I spent three days in Vegas for Cosmoprof, an epic three-day beauty conference at Mandalay Bay, and the North American Hair Awards.

Five Things They Don't Tell You About Bikram Yoga

I was prepared to be hot and sweaty, but I wasn’t ready to be upstaged by a senior citizen!

You Don’t Have to Be Hungover to Go to a Hangover IV Clinic

I went to IVme Hydration Clinic after a totally sober night, and got a hydrating, vitamin-packed wellness IV.

This Is What It's Like to Get an Infrared Body Wrap

A lot of lying down, a little sweating, and an hour free to update your phone—finally.

The Haircut Questions That Google Can't Answer

Such as "What's the easiest way to figure out your face shape?" and "How do I get a haircut without really getting a haircut?"

Four Beauty Tricks I Tried in June

This month, I made bronzer from spices and wore an LED acne mask that made me look like a member of Daft Punk.

I Invented a Sweet 'n' Sour Body Scrub Recipe

But first, I ran it by Edible Alchemy’s Andrea Mattson to make sure it wasn’t too crazy.

Our Top 60 Beauty Hacks

My coworkers and I cataloged our best secrets, including how to perfect an at-home manicure and disguise a killer hangover.

I Watched My Friend Get Fabulous Fusion Hair Extensions

Putting someone else’s hair into your hair sounds weird… but looks amazing. I documented Katie’s experience at Franz Salon of Hairdressing.

Five Beauty Lessons I Learned from My Childhood BFF

I’ve been friends with Katie since I was 5, and I used to be pretty clueless. One thing she taught me? Blowouts from 10-year-olds are terrible.

A Father’s Day Chat with My Dad, Restaurateur and Former Refugee

I asked him about raising kids in America, his thoughts on beauty, and what he really wants for Father’s Day.

The Instagram Awards

I gave awards to eight of my favorite Instagrammers for their stylish feeds. It was exactly like the Oscars, but fancier.

Cupping Made My Back Feel Great and Look Like a Lego

It was also the first relaxing, massage-like treatment I’ve ever had that involved a little bit of fire.

Four Beauty Tricks I Tried in May

This month’s highlight: Putting Monistat on my head. I promise I had a good reason, though.

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About My Permanent Eyeliner

When people find out I have permanent makeup, they tend to ask a lot of questions. Here are all the answers. (Yes, it hurt a bit.)

Giuliana Rancic Loves Her Chicago Stylist ... and Cotton Candy

Giuliana might be a Hollywood insider, but she splits her time between LA and Chicago—and she’s hip to some of the best beauty (and sundae!) spots in our city.

The Easiest Soft-Skin Trick You’re Probably Not Doing

It takes five minutes, you can do it every day, and it doesn’t require any goopy products. Welcome to dry brushing.


My Week of Beauty Challenges

I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried wearing head-to-toe pink, black lip liner, and heels all day... at a standing desk.

Yes, I Have Six Sunscreens in My Beach Bag. So What?

One for each of my favorite beach activities. (I can’t swim and play volleyball with the same one! That would be crazy.)

The Good News Is I’m a Neutral Undertone

The bad news: that doesn’t exactly make picking a lip color any easier!

A Play-By-Play of My First Brazilian Wax

I screeched. I got karate chopped (sort of). But I think I loved it?

Three Summer Uniforms for When the Temperature Finally Hits 80 Degrees

No cold snap will keep me from stocking up on maxi dresses and cute sandals.

I Got a Lash Perm and 13-Year-Old Me Is So Excited

My middle-school dreams of getting my hair permed never panned out, but that just makes me appreciate my new permed lashes even more.

A Style Q&A With My Mom, Because It’s Almost Mother’s Day

My mom loves Birkenstocks. I love heels. For Mother’s Day, I interviewed her about her style, and what it was like to parent tiny, girly Favin.

The Winners of My Selfie Contest, Announced

One lucky person won an iPad, and everyone won the joy of selfie-taking!

Four Beauty Tricks I Tried in April

My summary of April: charcoal was a success (in two different ways!), models knew their stuff, and vinyl nail polish was a major fail.

My Coworkers and I Share Our Favorite Nude Lip Shades (Even Bob, Because I Made Him)

One nude lip does not fit all, so my coworkers and I got together and talked about our favorite shades for our complexions.

My Digital Detox Diary

I put my phone in a bucket for five days, and got a lot more stressed than I should have.

Watch My Bangin’ Brow Makeover (and Learn How to Do One Yourself)

Before I met Kayla Parks, a trainer from Chella, I did not know the power of the brow. Now, I want to restock my makeup bag with brow pencils.

My New Best Friend Might Be a Miniature Car Buffer

Buff Boutique’s vibrating body buffer, the BFF, would be my actual BFF if it could talk. It massaged me, exfoliated me, and sloughed off all my leg hair.

Four Makeovers from Graduation Day at Dress for Success

The nonprofit hosts nine-week training courses that teach marketable job skills to underserved women. I got to bond with four grads as I did their makeup for their commencement ceremony.

A Chemical Peel Will Not Turn You Into a Supervillain

Allure Beauty Lounge founder Arlana Andrews introduced me to the not-so-scary skin-refining treatment. Just don’t try it at home.

Gold Collagen Gel and Three Other Products We Loved from Groupon Goods

My friend Jackie and I tried out a bunch of cosmetics from Groupon Goods, and picked out four favorites—including an eye cream made with stem cells from a Swiss apple.

This Foot Mask Made My Feet Look Worse, Then Way, Way Better

Never have I tried a beauty treatment so gross and wonderful at the same time.

I Know What -240 Degrees Feels Like

Two minutes in a cryotherapy chamber might sound like (frozen) hell on earth, but a 9-year-old did it and so did I. It was awesome.

YouTube Is My Personal Trainer Of Choice

After an embarrassing incident at a public gym (one man laughed so hard at me that he started crying), I started trying YouTube workouts at home.

The Four Best Beauty Treatments I Tried in March

I never wanted to put snail secretions on my face ... until suddenly, I did.

I Was a Teenage Perfume Addict

I spent a solid 10 years drenched in Tommy Girl and Davidoff Cool Water. It got so bad, my own own dad wouldn't sit next to me.

Next Time You Want to Work Out in a Hammock, Try Aerial Fitness

When you're not hanging from a hammock, you'll sweat through a mix of cardio, Pilates, yoga, and barre.

I Walked Two Miles Through a Beauty Expo and Got Lost

Yes, lost. But I managed to find five cool things along the way, including masks that make your feet peel like snakeskins.

Six Braids that Scream Spring

They’re chic, and they don’t actually scream. Plus, only one of them takes more than 10 minutes!

Wedding Advice from Around the Groupon Water Cooler

It seems like everyone at the office is getting married. I’m not planning a wedding, but that didn’t stop me from asking my coworkers for their tips.

The Five Best Beauty Tricks I Discovered in February

Purple eyeliner. A funky bun. A YouTube ab workout with 17 million views. It was a busy month.

Should You Get a Spray Tan from a Person or a Talking Robot?

I tried both! And both times, I was very cold. Here are my field notes.

You're Crazy If You're Not Getting Your Brows Threaded

After a sneeze seriously messed up a brow wax, I started getting them threaded. Three years later, I’ve never looked back.

Don’t Leave the House in This Weather. Spa at Home Instead.

In an effort to avoid frostbite (do frozen tears count as frostbite?) I decided to stay home and try five DIY beauty treatments.

Ok, But What Does “Office-Appropriate Makeup” Really Mean?

Some coworkers and I experimented with our weekday makeup. I may or may not have gotten lipstick on my keyboard.

Trust Me, You Should Spend Your Next Personal Day Inside a Cave

I had no clue what a salt cave was until I spent 45 minutes inside one. Now, I know that salt can be good for you, so long as you’re breathing it.

Favin’s Faves: My Top Five Beauty Deals in Your City

I handpicked deals from the top spas and health clinics across the country, so you can pencil in some pampering no matter where you are.

Removing Gel Polish at Home (Without Just Picking It Off)

Gel manicures are amazing—until they start to lift around the edges. Luckily, if you’re strapped for time, you can remove them at home with this easy guide.

This Valentine's Day, Stay Home With Your Girlfriends

Even on February 14, a bad date is worse than no date. Invite some pals over for champagne and black-heart manicures instead.

Yes, Coconut Oil Is Totally Worth the Hype It’s helped my acne, removes makeup, and makes my legs as smooth as I imagine Gisele’s to be.

I Got Eyelash Extensions, and It Gave Me FOMO I got a full set of eyelash extensions called the Kim K’s. Now I look like a glamazon, though I’m not engaged to Kanye West (yet).

My Five Favorite Blogs for Curvy Fashion, Beauty Product Reviews, and More Profiles of my five favorite online hangouts, including Into the Gloss (for everyday tips and tricks) and Maskcara (for the best makeovers).

Prevent Flaky Winter Lips with These Products Cold weather is harsh on lips. This list of moisturizers, DIY scrubs, and other treatments will help protect them so they’re kissably soft.

From Showering to Scrunching: A Breakdown of My Daily Curly Hair Routine In middle school, my curly hair made my head look like a triangle. A few tricks that keep my curls hydrated and bouncy.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Rubbing Chocolate All Over Your Body (Sort Of) Chocolate is a Valentine’s Day tradition—and thanks to these cocoa-scented beauty products, you don’t necessarily have to eat it.

Top Beauty Trends for Spring 2014 My roundup of the best springtime fashion trends, from purple eyeliner to matte nail polish.

I Survived My Very First Juice Cleanse I did a three-day Peeled juice cleanse, and documented the highs and lows of life without solid food.

Red Lips for the Red Carpet and Beyond I used to feel uncomfortable wearing red lipstick. Then I learned these four tips.

Oil Pulling Whitens Your Teeth and (Maybe) Makes You Invincible “Oil pulling,” a.k.a. rinsing with coconut oil, has whitened my teeth and curbed my coffee habit. Here’s how it’s done.

How to Wear Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s Color of 2014 Tips for working the purplish-pinkish hue into your look, whether it’s with a subtle manicure or a pair of purple pants.

Five Health and Beauty Trends I Can’t Wait to Try in 2014 From aerial yoga to vampire facials, these are the top beauty trends on my 2014 bucket list.

The DIY Turmeric Face Mask That Made my Skin Baby-Soft I made my own turmeric, Gram powder, and milk face mask, sans recipe. It hardened into almost-stone, and left my skin glowing.

Inside My Beauty Bag I stock my huge purse with all my favorite beauty products, from an all-purpose stick of cocoa butter to creamy MAC lip gloss and Fendi sunglasses.

Bring Out Your Best Features with Contouring With this one makeup trick, you can fake cheekbones and accentuate your eyes.

Cheers to a Safe and Beautiful New Year's Eve Cute shoes? Check. Waterproof mascara? Check. See what's in my NYE survival kit.